What Is Extraoral Digital Imaging?

Extraoral imaging (or extraoral radiography) is a method of obtaining high-quality digital x-rays of the bones and tissues of the skull and jaw. As its name suggests, this type of imaging takes place outside of the mouth. Extraoral radiography is ideal for use with patients who need large areas imaged or physically cannot open their mouths for intraoral imaging.

In general, extraoral radiography is most valuable for viewing the “big picture.” While this technology can provide images of large areas of the jaw or skull, it cannot produce the same level of detail as intraoral radiography.

Uses and Benefits of Extraoral Imaging Technology

Extraoral imaging techniques are capable of producing panoramic radiographs and lateral oblique views for the most complete picture of a patient's oral health. This allows dentists and oral surgeons to examine the teeth and jaw for proper development, check patients for TMJ, observe fractures of the cranium, determine the severity of various tooth problems, and identify signs of disease in the teeth and surrounding tissues. The images can also assist dentists with wisdom teeth detection and in locating nerves while planning for treatment.

Suni Imaging Extraoral Digital X-Ray on Computer Screen

The primary benefit of using extraoral digital radiography is that the resulting images allow dentists to view large areas of a patient's skull with relative ease. The technology can be used by itself or with intraoral radiography. The ability to view panoramic x-ray images and large areas of the body and ramus of the jaw makes seeing the overall scale of damage simple. With the right technology, these high-resolution images can help you make the best diagnosis, as well as communicate with your patients clearly about the state of their mouth and the treatment plan.

Give Your Patients the Best in Dental Imaging with Equipment from Suni Medical Imaging, Inc.

For more than 20 years, Suni Medical Imaging has been developing cutting-edge digital imaging technology for use by dentists, oral surgeons, and other medical professionals. All of our radiography products are designed for optimal efficiency, accuracy, and safety, keeping your patients comfortable while you obtain high-quality digital x-rays.

Our Suni PanQ digital radiography technology is a panoramic system that provides high-resolution images with minimal radiation for patient safety. The Suni PanQ also has CUST (Cubical Semi Tomography Technology) capability, allowing you to create a tomographic image of a patient's mouth. This technology is especially valuable when planning for dental implants and can serve as a personalized visual aid when talking to the patient about the process. The design of the system is very user- and patient-friendly, featuring convenient LED indicator lights, a hand grip, and even a tray for patient items like glasses and jewelry.

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