History of Suni Imaging and Their Advances in Dental Digital Imaging

Suni Designs and Manufactures its Own Products

Suni’s High Quality X-Ray Sensors and Imaging Systems are designed and manufactured in our advanced ISO-9001:2008 certified facility located in San Jose, California. Suni is ISO 13485-2003 certified for a quality management system. We take great pride in the performance, reliability, and ease of use of our products and ensure that those standards are met by inventing, refining, and manufacturing our products ourselves in Silicon Valley.

Suni Means Innovation!

The Suni Silicon Valley Team has been dedicated to advancing state-of-the-art imaging technology for digital dentistry since 1987. Paul Suni was at the forefront of technological innovation since the advent of the first CCD image sensor for digital dentistry in the mid eighties.

Prior to founding Suni Medical Imaging, Inc, Paul Suni was instrumental in the design and development of the following technologies:
  • 1986: CCD sensor for the Siemens CEREC System (now the CEREC unit from Sirona)
  • 1988: The first CCD introral x-ray sensor with Trophy Radiology (now Carestream Health)
  • 1990: Siemens intraoral x-ray sensor – CCD technology
  • 1992: First intraoral x-ray sensor from Schick Technologies (with founder David Schick)
  • 1993: Direct CCD sensor with New Image Technologies
In 1995, Paul Suni founded Suni Medical Imaging and continued to drive innovation in digital dentistry with the following technological advancements:
  • 1997: Dental Medical Devices (DMD) – MPDx Ultrathin CCD/CMOS sensor – the first Dr. SUNI sensor
  • 2000: Developed the Dentrix ImageRay sensor technology
  • 2002: Designed and developed the next generation technology for the Dr. Suni CCD sensor
  • 2002: Expanded into the international markets with our first branded, Dr. Suni sensor
  • 2004: Dr. Suni branded sensors introduced into the U.S. market
  • 2006: Grew the U.S. market share and expanded distribution of Suni products to 54 countries
  • 2007: Major capital investment in Suni for continued innovation, development and expansion
  • 2008: Introduced the following technological innovations:
    • Advanced SuniRay CMOS sensor system
    • Optimized Dr Suni Plus CCD sensor system
    • SuniCam II intraoral digital camera system
  • 2009: Began marketing the Suni 3D family of extraoral and 3D imaging products exclusively in the U.S. dental market
  • 2014: Suni launches their next generation of SuniRay by introducing SuniRay2
  • 2015: Suni partners with Imagin Systems to bring you Suni ImageMaster Intra Oral Camera
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