What Is Intraoral Digital Imaging?

Intraoral digital imaging (or intraoral radiography) is a common method of obtaining close-range intraoral x-rays of a patient's teeth and the surrounding tissues for evaluation of development and/or damage. Unlike extraoral imaging, which takes place outside the mouth, intraoral radiography involves placing a sensor inside the patient's mouth for a close-up digital x-ray. This kind of imaging is often used in cases where the dentist needs to see a small area in great detail. It can be used alone or in tandem with extraoral digital imaging to create a full picture of the patient's oral health.

Uses and Benefits of Intraoral Imaging Technology

Thanks to the level of detail made possible by intraoral imaging techniques, the resulting high-fidelity images are critical in identifying problems like bone loss, cavities, and periodontal disease, as well as allowing dentists to follow the development and health of the teeth and their deep roots. The relative ease of use of intraoral x-ray systems makes this kind of radiography the most commonly used method during office visits.

X-Ray of Teeth Using Intraoral Digital X-Ray

The digital aspect of today's intraoral imaging systems means that dentists have access to instant x-ray processing. With a quality sensor, a dentist can get an inside look at the root system and tooth structure of any patient within a few short minutes via digital transmission. The small sensor can also be easily rotated and re-positioned inside the patient's mouth to take a variety of x-ray types from different angles for the most accurate evaluation and diagnosis.

When used along with panoramic images from extraoral radiography, the two sets of x-rays can work together to help both you and your patients understand your diagnosis and recommendations.

Get High Fidelity X-Ray Images with Technology from Suni Medical Imaging, Inc.

Get high-resolution images of your patients' teeth with Suni Medical Imaging Inc.'s innovative, user-friendly x-ray system technology. We aim to produce low dose radiation x-ray systems that are safe for patients; out of nine industry-leading intraoral technologies, our two systems—the Suni IQ and the SuniRay2—were found to expose patients to the least amount of radiation.

Dental Chair With Suni Intraoral Digital X-Ray

Our systems are simply built better than those of our competitors. The high impact sensor design means that our intraoral systems offer superior digital sensor performance and last up to two years longer than their counterparts. The systems also feature convenient software for easy patient file management and local storage of images.

Suni Medical Imaging, Inc. has been providing dentists, oral surgeons, and other medical professionals with cutting-edge technology to increase diagnostic capabilities for more than 20 years. If you'd like to learn more about our intraoral imaging products and/or obtain pricing information for the Suni IQ and SuniRay2 systems, browse our product catalog or call us at 1-800-GET-SUNI.