Our Management Team at Suni Imaging

Fernando "Al" Bettencourt

Chief Operating Officer

Leads Suni’s Manufacturing, Quality, and OEM operations. Excels at scaling manufacturing output to meet aggressive sales results. Designs and maintains quality-focused manufacturing processes. Over 25 years of highly-effective operations management in semiconductor wafer manufacturing, 12 of which include digital radiography sensors.

BS in Management, University of San Francisco.

Don Jackson

Vice President of Business Development

Leads Suni's All-Star Domestic Sales Team in USA and Canada. Has more than 30 years executive sales management and marketing experience in computers and advanced electronic integrated business technologies. The last 20 years in the dental market focusing on Data/Voice/Video/Security Networks, Digital X-ray, Intraoral Cameras, Lasers, Air Abrasion, Patient Education, Practice Management, and a wide variety of High-tech Dental Tools.

Pascal Decoussemaeker

Vice President – Sales/International

Led the first international launch of Suni sensors in 1999, and today manages Suni's international dealer sales and support operation in over 120 countries worldwide. Spearheads the product development and technical support strategies for international markets and for Suni’s global business. Extensive experience in developing programs that attract top-quality dealers for Suni international distribution. Relies on over 20 years in sales focusing specifically on intraoral imaging products. Based in Belgium, Europe.