Dr. Suni: Dental and Medical Digital X-Ray Imaging Software

Dr. Suni dental and medical digital x-ray imaging software
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Dr. Suni is a complete software package that integrates easily with all leading practice management software and is optimized for touchscreen use and compatibility with the latest Tablet PCs. Dr. Suni's image enhancement tools and intuitive file management allow you to clearly communicate treatment plans with patients while making it easy to organize patient files.

Practice Management Integration

Practice Management Integration on Computer running Dr. Suni Software

Dr. Suni integrates with all leading practice management software systems. Using specially-designed integration tools, Dr. Suni easily bridges with your existing practice management software and displays patient images in a floating sidebar, giving you instant access to the right images.


Dr. Suni Software running on Touchscreen Tablet

Dr. Suni is compatible with the latest Tablet PCs, ready to be used with either a touchscreen interface or standard keyboard-mouse setups.

Easy Organization

Dr. Suni Software Tooth Chart Organization

Dr. Suni makes organizing and managing patient image files hassle-free and intuitive. Simply select the tooth number you plan to X-ray, position the sensor and X-ray tube, and shoot. The image is automatically assigned to the correct chart.

Instant Image Display

Instant X-Ray Image Display on Computer with Dr. Suni Software

Images are captured and displayed in a matter of seconds and in crisp detail. Brightness and contrast can be easily adjusted for improved diagnosis.

Spot Enhancement & Zoom

Computer with Dr. Suni Software Using Spot Enhancement and Zoom Tool on a Tooth

Great for patient education, image enhancement tools like spot enhancement and zoom allow you to highlight intraoral pathologies to help your patients gain a clearer understanding of their treatment plans.

International Settings

Internationanl Settings for Dr. Suni Software

Dr. Suni’s customizable interface preferences and preset localization settings give you complete control over keyboard layouts, tooth-numbering formats, and more.

Language Selection

Language Selection on Dr. Suni Dental Digital Imaging Software

Dr. Suni speaks your language. Choose from over 16 different languages that Dr. Suni has been translated into.

Panoramic & Camera Image Integration

Panoramic Digital X-Ray Of a Mouth Viewed with Dr. Suni Software

Dr. Suni easily and efficiently organizes all panoramic x-rays, digital sensor images, intraoral camera shots, and scanned archival images into a single cohesive patient file.

Email & Word Doc Integration

Digital X-Ray Image Being Sent with Email Using Dr. Suni Software

Go paperless with Dr. Suni. Create automated documents that make insurance claim submissions easier than ever. Or send patient files to your peers with just the click of a button. Dr. Suni even lets you send emails from directly within the application.

Enhancing Case Presentation with Colorize, Inversion, and Image Comparison

Dr. Suni Digital Imaging Software Colorize Inversion and Image Comparison Features

Increase your patient case acceptance rates with Dr. Suni’s array of image enhancement tools, allowing you to clearly communicate with your patients to help them understand their treatment plans.