• Suni Medical IDI Tru-Image Collimator

Simply slide Tru-Image onto any round cone with an outer diameter of 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, or 3.00 inches (or any Planmeca round cone) to collimate the x-ray beam, minimizing radiation scatter to drastically reduce radiation exposure for your patients, and virtually eliminating retakes due to poor positioning. Here are the benefits:

Checkmark Easy, efficient imaging for your staff

Tru-Image drastically reduces the amount of retakes you and your staff will need to take—to virtually zero. Using a unique magnetic-alignment ring, Tru-Image lets you know when the x-ray beam is perfectly aligned (a green LED light will signal exact alignment), saving you and your staff precious time needlessly recapturing x-rays.

dash Less radiation for your patients

Tru-Image minimizes scatter radiation, lowering your patients’ exposure to unnecessary radiation. Combined with SuniRay2’s industry-leading low radiation doses, Tru-Image lets you offer patients quality diagnostic care that’s both effective and safe.

lightning bolt A truly powerful digital imaging
system for your practice

Power your practice with SuniRay2 and Tru-Image for a remarkably efficient digital imaging system. You’ll make it easier for your entire staff to capture high-quality diagnostic x-rays the first time, without numerous retakes. Plus, with SuniRay2’s unmatched low radiation levels and Tru-Images radiation scatter minimization, you’ll be able to provide your patients the safest possible imaging solution available.

Better image quality. Lower radiation.

Tru-Image minimizes scatter radiation, lowering patients’ radiation exposure and improving the diagnostic quality of your images. That’s more diagnostic image quality for you, less unnecessary radiation for your patients—a win-win.

Tru-Image Collimator on Digital X-Ray

Radiograph Comparison Between X-Ray with Round Cone and Tru-Image

Perfect positioning every time

Tru-Image uses magnets to stabilize the image receptors to the x-ray generator. A green LED light will signal to let you know when the alignment ring is perfectly aligned with the x-ray beam. That means less retakes due to cone cuts and angulation errors, saving you and your staff valuable time.

Easy to use, even easier to install

Seconds—that’s all it takes to install Tru-Image. Simply slide it onto any round cone with an outer diameter of 2.5 to 3 inches. Plus, with its magnetic alignment ring—which lets you know when the x-ray beam is in exact alignment—even a novice can use Tru-Image to capture the perfect image.

Digital X-Ray Cone with Tru-Image Collimator Attached

Learn how practitioners are using Tru-Image to provide their patients safe, quality care

“A game-changer”

“Simple, effective, and economical”

“You can provide your patients and staff the safest environment and the highest quality of care”

Don Cohen, DMD

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“There are several rectangular collimating systems to help dentists and their staff members achieve the best radiation hygiene and patient safety . . . one of the latest and most fool-proof systems, the Tru-Image collimator and image alignment system.”

Creating a Safe, Effective X-Ray Practice, DentalTown. By Dale A. Miles, DDS, MS, FRCD(C), Dip. ABOMR, Dip. ABOM

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See what dental professionals are saying about Tru-Image

“The Tru-Image has been a big success in my office, it actually does everything they say. My staff, all long time Rinn users, have had no trouble with the new aiming rings, and the patients are impressed by the additional reduction in exposure. We use the AT phosphor plate system, and the images really are noticeably sharper. Love it!”

Stephen M. Koral, DMD, Boulder, CO

“Tru-Image protects our patients from exposure to ionizing radiation while improving the diagnostic information on the x-ray image. Less radiation exposure, better quality images with fewer retakes and conecuts! Our staff loves Tru-Image!”

- Howard S. Glazer, DDS FAGD, Fort Lee, NJ