Intraoral Digital Imaging Sensors

When it comes to getting high-definition dental imaging, nothing beats the convenience and detailed results of an intraoral digital sensor for x-ray. Currently, Suni Medical offers two cutting-edge intraoral digital sensor products: Suni IQ and SuniRay2. Both of our low radiation oral sensor devices are comfortable, easy to use, and capable of interfacing with a variety of equipment.

Suni IQ Intraoral Digital Imaging Sensor

What Are Digital Intraoral Sensors?

An intraoral digital sensor is a small device that can be placed inside the mouth of the patient for the purpose of obtaining high-quality digital x-ray images of his or her teeth and jaw. In contrast, an extraoral sensor is one that is used outside the patient's mouth.

Our Suni IQ and SuniRay2 digital intraoral imaging sensors were developed for maximum patient comfort with ergonomically designed sensor sizes and are extremely durable; this is a digital sensor that can take a beating! Suni IQ and SuniRay2 systems also require one of the lowest levels of patient exposure to radiation in the industry. Our sensors aren't just ideal for you; they're designed to be safer for your patients, too.

Suni Products Are Ideal for Migrating from Analog Film, Upgrading Current Digital Sensors

We've been living in a digital age for some time, and most dental practices have upgraded to using digital technology for their imaging. Even so, many dental practices are still housing old analog x-ray records simply because they don't have the time to convert them to a digital format. With Suni Medical's Prof. Suni software and other digital imaging products, you can easily migrate your analog records to a compact, easily managed digital format. If your practice already employs digital sensors for radiography, perhaps it's time to upgrade to an innovative product like the Suni IQ or SuniRay2. Not only can you reduce radiation exposure, but you can also improve image quality and sensor durability by switching to a more advanced product. In essence, you'll be future-proofing your dentist practice!

Full Compatibility with Existing Dental Digital Imaging Software

One of the great benefits of our Suni IQ and SuniRay2 low radiation intraoral digital sensor products is their ability to seamlessly integrate with your practice's existing imaging software. This is ideal for practices that have limited funds and technological resources, and which would prefer to stay with current image management solutions. Regardless of the x-ray management software you use, you'll still get high-quality image capture with incredible detail and definition.

computer with digital x-ray of teeth

Works Perfectly with Prof. Suni Dental and Medical Digital X-Ray Imaging Software

In addition to working with existing software, all of Suni Medical's groundbreaking sensor technology is compatible with our proprietary Prof. Suni dental and medical x-ray imaging software. This feature-rich software is built to be extremely user-friendly and can interface with a variety of current industry-standard software, sensors, pan machines, cameras, and more.

If you'd like to learn more about our high-quality intraoral sensor products or talk to a representative about purchasing a Suni IQ or SuniRay2 intraoral x-ray sensor system, call our friendly staff today at (325) 831-7464.