• Suni IQ
    Suni IQ

    Smart Design
    Digital Imaging Sensor

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Excellent Image Quality

New white face for easier positioning and sharp crystal clear images.

Easy Integration

Imaging software allows for direct integration with all leading practice management software

Optimal Exposure Latitude

Reduces retakes and provides maximum flexibility

Enhanced Durability

New ergonomic USB design with locking connector for secure connection

Low Dose Technology

Special low dose technology to protect your staff and patients

Optimal Patient Comfort

New lighter design with rounded corners comes in multiple sizes

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Our Latest Advancement in Digital Radiography

With the Suni IQ digital radiography system Suni Medical Imaging continues its commitment to technological innovation and advanced digital sensor design. The Suni IQ epitomizes intuitive digital sensor technology. By combining high-performance with high-efficiency, Suni has achieved the perfect blend between superb image quality, enhanced durability, minimal radiation exposure, and comprehensive software. With the Suni IQ, Suni has created a complete digital radiography system designed to seamlessly integrate with your entire practice.

Advanced Design

The new white face plate design provides the administrator an easy target for capturing excellent x-rays without the threat of cone cuts or user error.

Noise Reduction

A perfeclty sized fiber optic plate further improves on our sensors’ low-noise performance, ensuring a better-quality image on the initial capture and less time spent on post-capture enhancements.

State-of-the-Art Design

Suni CMOS chip, specially designed scintillator screen and 1.2 mm fiber optic plate ensure a high-quality digital x-ray every time.

Exceptional Balance

Strikes the perfect balance between high line-pairs per millimeter, signal-to-noise ratio, and low optimal radiation exposures.

Feature-Rich Software

Prof. Suni imaging software’s array of preset filters and automatic image enhancements complement SuniRay2’s high-quality X-rays, helping you maximize your diagnostic capabilities.

Enhanced Durability

Built to Last

Sturdy and Dependable. Unique reinforced cable attachment and ultrasonically-sealed outer casing make our sensors incredibly reliable.

Impact Protection

New Impact Protection Technology ensures exceptional sensor performance even when there’s extra pressure or strain.

Efficient Design

A smaller usb interface results in reduced size and weight providing a sleeker look and feel.

Water Test Rating

IPX5 water test rating protects the sensor from water damage

Cable Improvement

The new Suni IQ design comes with a stronger and lighter cable that improves durability for a long lasting experience.

Low Dose Technology

Optimal Exposure. The Suni IQ ranks among the industry’s lowest for sensor radiation exposure levels.

As strong proponents of the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), Suni designs its sensors to capture high-quality radiographs while maintaining the lowest radiation exposure levels among all digital sensors.

Optimal Patient Comfort

Perfect Balance between Durability and Comfort

Optimum Patient Safety. Utilizing the low exposure levels and reduced retakes ensures a pleasant and comfortable patient experience.

Ergonomic Design

A rounded corners and a thin design allows for easy positioning and maximal patient comfort.

Easy Positioning

Thin sensor head and rounded corners ensure easy and comfortable positioning.

Technical Data Size 1 Size 2
Sensor Dimensions (mm) 39.5 x 26 43.5 x 31.5
Active Area (mm) 31.1 x 20.2 35.2 x 26.2
Sensor Technology CMOS APS Fiber Plates CMOS APS Fiber Plates
Maximum Gray Levels 4096 4096
Sensor Cable Adjustable: 6 ft. or 15 ft. Adjustable: 6 ft. or 15 ft.
Cable Attachment Reinforced Strain Relief Reinforced Strain Relief
USB Module Integrated USB 2.0 Module with LED indicator lights Integrated USB 2.0 Module with LED indicator lights
Imaging Software Prof. Suni Advanced Imaging Dr. Suni Advanced Imaging (INTL.) SuniMac (Mac-based imaging software) TWAIN-compliant software system Prof. Suni Advanced Imaging Dr. Suni Advanced Imaging (INTL.) SuniMac (Mac-based imaging software) TWAIN-compliant software system
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
PC Requirements Minimum Recommended
CPU Speed 1.2 GHz Pentium 4 2.0 GHz Pentium 4
Memory 512 MB 1 GB
Operating System Windows OS up to Windows 8
Mac OS
Windows OS up to Windows 8
Mac OS
Hard Disk 40 GB 80 GB
Monitor S-VGA with 0.28 mm dot pitch S-VGA with 0.25 mm dot pitch
Monitor Settings 16-bit color 1024 x 768 resolution 16-bit color 1024 x 768 resolution
USB Port USB 2.0 and 3.0 USB 2.0 and 3.0