• Suni PanQ Panoramic Imaging System
    Suni PanQ
    Panoramic Imaging System

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CMOS Technology

CMOS Technology

Face-to-face Positioning

Face-to-face Positioning

Short Ceph Arm

Short Ceph Arm

Multiple Exposure Programs

Multiple Exposure Programs

Multi Focus Function

Multi - Focus Function

0.5mm Focal Spot

Focal Spot 0.5mm

Voice Prompting System

Voice Prompting System

Wheel Chair Accessible

Wheel Chair Accessible

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Exposure Programs

Suni PanQ supports various exposure programs, fulfilling all diagnostic needs. Standard panoramic, orthogonal panoramic, bitewing panoramic, child panoramic, TMJ lateral double, horizontal & vertical X-ray segmentation, TMJ PA Double, TMJ LAT-PA, TMJ LAT-PA DOUBLE, sinus lateral and sinus PA are supported.

Bitewing Digital Radiograph Bitewing

Orthogonal Panoramic Radiograph Orthogonal Panoramic

Sinus PA and Sinus Lateral Midsagittal Radiograph Sinus PA/ Sinus Lateral Midsagittal

Standard Panoramic Radiograph of Upper and Lower Jaw Standard Panoramic

TMJ Lateral Double Radiograph TMJ Lateral Double

X-ray Segment of Mouth X-ray Segment

Smart & Compact Design - Digital Dental X-Ray Machine

This smart design will allow for easy and fast installation. Not only that, its compact design requires minimum space and is easily accessible for our patients. The PanQ is also a wheelchair accessible dental x-ray machine.

Glasses Resting on Suni PanQ Accessory Tray Convenient accessory tray
Hand Grip of The Suni PanQ Panoramic Imaging System Comfortable hand grip
LED Indicator on Suni PanQ Panoramic Imaging System LED indicator

Multi Focus Radiograph of Jaw

Multi - Focus Function

The Multi-focus function can overcome patient mis-positioning. The user is therefore able to find the most optimally-focused choice from a selection of images.

Tomography Imaging (Optional)*

(Cubical Semi Tomography Technology)

Suni PanQ CUST is a 3D imaging function that provides cross-sectional information for implant preparation.

  • Complements panoramic imaging and provides tomographic images required for implant planning
  • When planning the implant, CUST images help to communicate with your patient. (Minimal investment, Maximal benefit)
  • Suni PanQ with CUST function is economical compared to CBCT
Cross Sectional Tomography Radiograph
  • High image quality due to statistical reconstruction technique.
  • 3D image has 256 cross-sectional slices with a 0.195mm thickness and FOV 50x50x103mm.
Suni PanQ Digital Tomography Imaging System
Cross Sectional Tomography of Jaw Radiograph

Dentists Using Suni ImageQ Software
Panoramic Radiograph of Mouth Viewed with Suni ImageQ Software

Suni ImageQ Software

Our in-depth proprietary Suni ImageQ Software is able to easily manage all images from all devices (panoramic, cephalometric, intraoral sensor, intraoral camera, and digital camera). Image Q also makes it possible to keep images organized within patient files so that they are readily accessible, associated with the correct patients and kept appropriately confidential.

Suni ImageQ Software Specifications

Suni PanQ-C Panoramic Cephalometric Digital X-Ray


  • Optimized mechanical structure design for symmetrical balance- ensures safety and durability
  • Cephalometric FR laser allows for easy patient positioning
  • Position sensing sensor aids in every exposure mode to avoid operator mistakes
  • Rapid 4 second scanning on fast mode - reduces motion artifacts

Exposure Programs

The Suni PanQ-C's ImageQ software supports various exposure programs that fill diagnostic needs, including Lateral, AP, PA, Water's view, Submento vertex, and carpus. By offering a variety of exposure options and imaging angles, the PanQ-C gives users the ability to piece together the most complete image of the patient's mouth and jaw possible.

With face-to-face positioning, a short cephalometric arm, a targeted focal area of 0.5mm, and convenient voice recognition prompting capability, the Suni PanQ-C is one of the most progressive pieces of equipment in modern dental imaging.

The Full Picture: Why Choose the Suni PanQ?

Taken together, all of the above characteristics and capabilities make the Suni PanQ an innovative, highly efficient cyber medical imaging system. Compared with its industry counterparts, the Suni PanQ extraoral x-ray machine is a cut above. The success of this unique extraoral radiography system is owed primarily to its cutting-edge technology, engineering, and design.

The PanQ's CMOS sensor design provides superior image clarity even with minimal amounts of radiation, and its multi-focus capability allows dentists to obtain accurate, instant x-rays without having to worry about slight changes in positioning. Plus, its compact size and shape make it easy to install and wheelchair accessible for non-ambulatory patients.

Combined with the power of our Suni ImageQ software, the PanQ and PanQ-C systems provide dentists, oral surgeons, and other medical professionals with a variety of exposure program options, as well as a convenient image management system. Say goodbye to the filing of multiple x-ray hard copies that comes with using the analog systems of the past; the PanQ's digital nature means it interfaces directly with ImageQ to display and save x-rays locally without any processing or extra physical effort.

Suni Medical Imaging, Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of dental radiography products. Since 1995, we've been leading the pack in digital imaging technology and providing medical professionals worldwide with increasingly safer and better imaging systems than ever before. We've managed to create the thinnest digital radiography sensor in the world, as well as reduce patient radiation exposure to its lowest level yet. All of these groundbreaking technologies have been designed and manufactured in-house.

As the best-selling sensor brand on the globe, we are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and their patients. We aim to provide unmatched customer support and continue to innovate to address changes in both dentistry and digital technology. To learn more about our suite of extraoral and intraoral radiography products or to obtain pricing information, browse our product selection or call us at 1-800-GET-SUNI.

Lateral View Radiograph of Head Lateral

AP View Radiograph of a Head AP

Water's View Radiograph of a Head Water's View

Submentovertex View Radiograph Submento vertex

Carpus Radiograph Carpus

Exposure Time 4 ~ 17 sec
Focal Spot 0.5mm
Target Angle
Tube Voltage 60~90kV
Anode Heat Storage Capacity 35kJ
Maximum Anode Heat Dissipation Rate 250W
Line Voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
Detector Technology CMOS / Csl
Data Interface Giga Ethernet
Pixel Pitch 75um x 75um
Active Area 150 x 6.45mm
X-ray beam fan beam
Volumetric image size 50 x 50 x 103 mm
Number of slices 256
Slice thickness 0.2 mm
* The specifications above can be changed to improve performance without notice.
Suni PanQ Panoramic Digital Imaging System Dimensions Suni PanQ-C Panoramic Cephalometric Digital Imaging System Dimensions