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  • Suni Q3D

    4x5, 7x7, 8x8,
    14x8, 14x14

  • Suni Q3D

    4x5, 7x7, 8x8,
    14x8, 14x14

Q3D Image Viewer

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3D Volume Rendering
Various volume rendering options such as Gray, X-ray, MIP to provide 3D image visualization
MPR (Multi-Planar Rendering)
MPR mode provides three plain views (axial, coronal and sagittal) on one screen
Dental Reformatting
Using panoramic, cross-sectional, and longitudinal 2D view, you can plan your ‘perfect’ implant positioning
Curved MPR
Reconstruct sectional images from Panoramic, Cross-sectional, Longitudinal
Image Color-mapping
Color mapping increases the visibility of lesions
Dental Crop
Function generates FMX images from a panoramic imageDental Crop
Measuring tools
Multiple ease of use tools including distance, angle and positioning
Implant planning
Feature-rich tools provide easy to use diagnostic functionality including - nerve canal mapping, measurements, bone density determination for implant planning
STL Export
Convert and export DICOM volume data in STL format for usage in 3D printers and models - intraoral scanners
Viewer Software - Export to CD/DVD

High Resolution Computed Tomography Technology

Clearly defined images in three dimensions provide users with accuracy.

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Dedicated sensor for CT

A separate sensor, optimized for CT imaging ensures the best results.

Fast scan mode

Scanning times of as low as 7.7 seconds reduce dose, motion artifacts and image distortion.

Auto-stitching technology

The wide high definition images can be enhanced by auto-stitching technology diagnostic information.

Exposure Time Panoramic 9 ~ 17 sec 9 ~ 17 sec
Exposure Time Cephalometric   4 ~ 12 sec
Exposure Time CT 7.7 ~ 14.5 sec 7.7 ~ 14.5 sec
FOV 4 x 5 to 14 x 14cm (Multiple FOVs)
Voxel Size 74~400µm
Focal Spot 0.5mm
Target Angle
Tube Voltage 60~90kV
Tube Current 4~12 mA
Line Voltage 110v/120v, 50/60Hz
Warranty 5 Years
Sensor CT Panoramic Cephalometric
Pixel Pitch 100µm x 100µm 75µm x 75µm 75µm x 75µm
Active Area 5 x 5 inch 6 x .25 inch 9 x .25 inch
* The specifications above can be changed to improve performance without notice.

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