• Suni Q3D Extraoral 3D Digital X-Ray
    Suni Q3D
    CBCT 3D Imaging System

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optimal voxel size

Optimal Voxel Size

Rapid Scan Time

Rapid Scan Time

10 Field of Views

10 FOV's

Large 16x14 Field of View Feature

Large 16x14 FOV Feature

Elite 3D Technology

Elite 3D Technology

Dicom to STL Converter

Dicom to STL Converter

  • Faces With Different Field of Views

    4x5, 7x7, 8x8,
    16x8, 16x14

  • skulls showing the different Field of Views

    4x5, 7x7, 8x8,
    16x8, 16x14

Q3D Image Viewer

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3D Volume Rendering
Various volume rendering options such as Gray, X-ray, MIP to provide 3D image visualization
MPR (Multi-Planar Rendering)
MPR mode provides three plain views (axial, coronal and sagittal) on one screen
Dental Reformatting
Using panoramic, cross-sectional, and longitudinal 2D view, you can plan your ‘perfect’ implant positioning
Curved MPR
Reconstruct sectional images from Panoramic, Cross-sectional, Longitudinal
Image Color-mapping
Color mapping increases the visibility of lesions
Viewer Software - Export to CD/DVD
Dental Crop
Function generates FMX images from a panoramic imageDental Crop
Measuring tools
Multiple ease of use tools including distance, angle and positioning
Implant planning
Feature-rich tools provide easy to use diagnostic functionality including - nerve canal mapping, measurements, bone density determination for implant planning
STL Export
Convert and export DICOM volume data in STL format for usage in 3D printers and models - intraoral scanners
Suni Q3D High Resolution Computed Tomography 3D System

High Resolution Computed Tomography Technology

Clearly defined images in three dimensions provide users with accuracy.

Dedicated sensor for CT

A separate sensor, optimized for CT imaging ensures the best results.

Fast scan mode

Scanning times of as low as 7.7 seconds reduce dose, motion artifacts and image distortion.

Dedicated Sensor For CT Scans

Auto-stitching technology

Auto-stitching technology

The wide high definition images can be enhanced by auto-stitching technology diagnostic information.

Exposure Time Panoramic 9 ~ 17 sec 9 ~ 17 sec
Exposure Time Cephalometric   4 ~ 12 sec
Exposure Time CT 7.7 ~ 14.5 sec 7.7 ~ 14.5 sec
FOV 4 x 5 to 16 x 14cm (Multiple FOVs)
Voxel Size 74~400µm
Focal Spot 0.5mm
Target Angle
Tube Voltage 60~90kV
Tube Current 4~12 mA
Line Voltage 110v/120v, 50/60Hz
Warranty 5 Years
Sensor CT Panoramic Cephalometric
Pixel Pitch 100µm x 100µm 75µm x 75µm 75µm x 75µm
Active Area 5 x 5 inch 6 x .25 inch 9 x .25 inch
* The specifications above can be changed to improve performance without notice.
Suni Q3D Dimensions

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