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Here's what our sensors can do:

Image Quality
Suni sensors strike the perfect balance
between signal-to-noise ratio,
radiation exposure, and line pairs per
millimeter, ensuring a crystal-clear
image every time.

Low Radiation
Suni sensors capture high-quality digital
radiographs while minimizing radiation
exposure, the lowest levels among all
digital sensors.

Built-to-last and designed for reliability,
Suni sensors come equipped with
durability enhancements that ensure
our sensors can capture hundreds of
thousands of X-rays without failing.

Direct Integration
Using unique, specially designed
integration tools, Suni software can
be easily bridged with all practice
management systems.

Patient Comfort
Suni sensors are designed for optimal
patient comfort—thin and with
rounded corners, fitting easily and
comfortably in the patient’s mouth.

Imaging Software
The comprehensive and user-friendly
Prof. Suni software provides an array
of image enhancement features and a
wide range of customizability options.

Everything you need to know about
switching from film to digital radiography.
Find Out How Much Your
Practice Could Be Saving
Line Pairs, Contrast Resolution, Optimal Exposure.
The Definitive Guide to Digital Sensor Image Quality.

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SuniRay Sensors Receive High Grades in Image Quality

San Jose, March 25, 2012 - The latest evaluation by the CR Foundation, Provo, Utah, demonstrated that the SuniRay Digital Radiography System—Suni Medical Imaging’s flagship sensor product—produces images of excellent diagnostic image quality when compared with other competitive systems in the U.S. dental marketplace.

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