Dr. Suni Plus

the thinnest sensor in the world

Dr. Suni Plus: The Leader in Patient Comfort

Dr. Suni Plus was designed to make the diagnostic process easy for doctors and comfortable for patients. The thinnest digital sensor in the world, Dr. Suni Plus is durably built—with an ultrasonically-sealed outer casing and reinforced cable attachment—without sacrificing patient comfort. Its versatile design and reliable performance allow Dr. Suni Plus to adapt to a variety of practice configurations, and the open-architecture of its feature-rich Prof. Suni software package makes it the most flexible digital imaging system on the market. And as one of the few sensors available in a size 0 pedo-application, Dr. Suni Plus is the ideal solution for any practice.

  • Patient Comfort. The thinnest digital sensor in the world, Dr. Suni Plus was designed for superior comfort with rounded corners that make positioning easy and allow the sensor to fit comfortably in the patient’s mouth.
  • Durability. A Bite Pressure Plate and Reinforced Cable Attachment make Dr. Suni Plus highly durable, allowing it to reliably withstand daily mechanical stresses. Dr. Suni Plus sensors also come with a full three-year warranty.
  • Pedo Application. Dr. Suni Plus is one of the few intraoral digital sensors on the market that comes in a size 0—perfect for pediatric use. The rounded corners and industry-leading thin sensor design were crafted with younger patients in mind, for an easy and comfortable fit.
  • Image Quality. Dr. Suni Plus captures high-quality diagnostic radiographs fast, with minimal storage requirements that make accessing images easy and quick. Containing a megapixel CCD chip consisting of 1.85M pixels, Dr. Suni Plus ensures a crystal-clear x-ray optimized for patient diagnosis.
  • Imaging Software. The robust, feature-rich Prof. Suni software provides an array of customization and enhancement tools that highlight intraoral pathologies, helping patients understand their treatment plans and making the diagnostic process easier for doctors.

  • Flexibility. Suni sensors’ open-architecture design allows for a variety of imaging system configurations, adapting to the individual needs of any practice. Dr. Suni Plus can be used with imaging software other than Prof. Suni, giving doctors the freedom to use Suni sensors with their existing setup.
  • Portability. Dr. Suni Plus was designed to take full advantage of its separate optical and electrical components. The ability to disconnect the sensor from the USB box provides doctors with the option of either using one sensor between three USB boxes or three sensors for one USB box. And because Dr. Suni Plus can be connected to each docking station without having to load the drivers each time a sensor is swapped, it’s perfect for capturing full-mouth series where different sensor sizes are required.
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