The only 3D Cone Beam System for under 75K

Affordability Like Never Before

Suni3D HD’s affordable price point breaks the barrier of entry related to cost. Now, you can add 3D imaging to your practice for a price never before heard of. And, with Suni3D HD, you can perfrom a wide range of procedures quickly and more effectively, saving you time and increasing production time for your practice. Suni3D costs less and saves you time and money.

5x5cm Field of View Gives You Just the Information You Need

Suni3D HD’s 5x5cm field of view is ideal for specialty applications. And, with the added benefit of a lower radiation dose, you can be assured that you are providing the safest and most effective care for your patients. With most endodontic and implant procedures involving 1 or 2 teeth, there is no need to obtain entire scans of the patient’s cranial anatomy. Suni3D HD gives you just the right amount of information to give your patients just the right amount of care without causing possible liability issues in the future for you and your practice.

.08 Voxel Size for High-Quality 3D Imaging

Suni3D HD’s .08mm voxel size provides high-resolution 3D images beyond compare. Configurable up to .125mm, the imaging capabilities of the Suni3D HD outshine the competition. High-resolution 3D imaging gives you a new perspective when looking at dental structures and anatomies allowing you to see things that you simply cannot see with conventional 2D imaging systems, or even some of the competitive 3D systems on the market today. The small voxel size provides images that are ideal for implantology and even for the most demanding endodontic cases.

Improved Diagnosis

Suni3D HD provides you with an exceptional diagnostic tool to ensure you get the right diagnosis the first time. No more rescanning your patients with 2D imaging to get the information needed. Suni3D HD provides axial, coronal, sagittal, cross sectional and custom slices so that you can see every anatomical detail for a more confident diagnosis and treatment plan.

Easy-to-use Software and Future Upgradeability

Suni3D HD comes with simple to use Ez3D Software which integrates seamlessly with Suni’s imaging software and your practice management application. The graphical user interface is easy-to-follow and simple to use. Ez3D allows you to take precise anatomical measurements, display multi-planar and 3D volume views, and examine individual slices with a few simple button touches. Ez3D Software is ideal for implant planning and endodontic applications.

Suni3D HD is also upgradeable to include panoramic capability should you decide you need to add panoramic imaging to the services you offer. A simple, in-office upgrade is all you need.