The only cross-platform sensor on the market

Function and Ergonomic Design

Designed for all of your intraoral imaging needs, SuniRay sensors are extremely comfortable, flexible and easy to use.

  • Designed with rounded corners for increased patient comfort
  • Built to last with a reinforced cable attachment, SuniRay sensors are extremely reliable and durable
  • The plug and play sensors are easy to install and can be operated in different PC's throughout the practice
  • Since one size does not fit all patients, two sensor sizes are available, including children and adults with special anatomical considerations
  • Integrated USB module allows you to easily move the sensors from room to room

Sensor Specifications

Learn more in-depth information about sensor specifications to see how to properly utilize and care for a SuniRay Sensor.

Comprehensive and Easy to Use Software

SuniRay sensors come with a complete software package that runs on any standard Windows and USB equipped computer. This extremely user friendly, feature rich clinical application easily integrates with all practice management software programs.

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Sensor Images

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