The Perfect Balance

With its crystal clear images and contoured shape, SuniCam II is the perfect diagnosis partner for early clinical detection and patient education. Its ergonomic design, ideal size and light weight make SuniCam II a comfortable fit for both clinician and patient, and it's easily portable between operatories.

Crystal Clear Images Improve Diagnoses

SuniCam II allows you to document and show outer areas of the teeth and gums-including lesions, cracks, and calculus buildup to your patients on a computer screen.

Easy to Work With

With it's curved design, light weight and compact head (with LED lighting), SuniCam II feels good in your hand and maximizes patient comfort. SuniCam II easily integrates with with Prof. Suni or Dr. Suni software, and like all Suni imaging products, is compatible will all major practice management software.

The Right Angle of Lens

SuniCam II's 105° angle of view separates it from most other cameras that only give a 90° angle. This increased angle allows for better exploration of posterior areas and ensures you the most thorough diagnosis.

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Camera Images

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